Protean is highly customizable, open-architecture security software that analyzes input from various sensors and video systems, producing a common operating picture (COP) for operation centers and mobile security guards. The architecture is extremely scalable, which allows it to provide security for a single point, such as an individual building, or an extensive area, like a national border.

Protean allows for the near real-time evaluation and distribution of critical information gathered from video and sensor inputs. It generates tailored alerts, recommended courses of action, and task lists that are appropriate to each operator’s level. Operator access can be configured so that users are restricted to certain views and subsystems based on individual clearance levels, while administrators can monitor real-time and historical user activity across the system.

Protean is currently used in security and surveillance applications for border protection, maritime and coastal security, anti-hijacking systems, and critical infrastructure protection.


Protean Advantages

  • Easily integrate sensors/subsystems
  • Monitor sensors to detect anomalies
  • Customizable alerts
  • Customizable course of actions/workflows
  • Customizable reporting
  • Persistent video surveillance with network video recorder (NVR)