Persistent Sentinel specializes in the development of customizable, scalable software solutions that allow clients to meticulously survey critical areas, eliminate blind spots, and prepare for physical threats against security.

The company’s HiRSA® product integrates disparate security and operational platforms into a single system, producing a common operating picture (COP) for physical security and operation centers. The architecture is extremely scalable, which allows the software to provide security for a single point, such as an individual building, or an extensive area, like a national border.

Persistent Sentinel’s SPOT™ product uses three-dimensional imaging technology to determine the optimal placement for sensors such as radar, sonar, unattended ground sensors and perimeter intrusion detectors. The software can optimize the placement of sensors from any manufacturer.


High Resolution Situational Awareness Command and Control Software


Use 3D Technology to Optimize Placement of Sensors from Any Manufacturer