Physical security information management (PSIM)

Border Security

Persistent Sentinel has more than 19 years of experience developing Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software for civilian and government security solutions.  The HiRSA software’s versatile design is applicable for security applications in various domains: installation, maritime and port security, and anti-terrorism. It combines intelligent agent software technology with existing communications infrastructures to produce a robust network to detect and counter suspicious and criminal/hostile activity. 

Our HiRSA PSIM solution provides the user these key capabilities:


  • Event Collection
  • Analysis
  • Verification
  • Resolution
  • Reporting
  • Audit trail


HiRSA provides a detailed Common Operating Picture (COP) with sensor locations visualized over satellite imagery providing operators with a complete security picture. The COP display will display data within buildings and the locations of sensor systems and alerts.


HiRSA is sensor agnostic and has proven to work with a variety of sensor systems to include building/facility sensors: cameras, access control, fire detection, safety, HVAC, fence detection, etc.

HiRSA has an extensive decision support system that uses a combination of automated alerts with actions and user task lists to respond to events. The software automatically evaluates sensor information and provides tailored alerts with recommended courses of action and task lists.  The relevant information is automatically opened and highlighted by the software so the operator can easily access the situation. 

 HiRSA’s trending module provides a set of statistical analysis and trending tools for monitoring the frequency of events in the system. HiRSA will automatically track the number of events, alerts, and sensor status information. HiRSA provides the ability to display statistical information for any of the areas configured in the system as well as the current area displayed on the GIS display.  


Key Features/Benefits: