SentinelNet® is specialized for maritime deployments. The software links a variety of edge devices to improve visibility above and below the water’s surface, improving security for ports, waterways and ships at sea.

SentinelNet delivers unmatched situational awareness for maritime anti-terrorism/ force protection (AT/FP). SentinelNet’s intelligent agents monitor sensors, detect anomalies, provide alerts, offer recommended courses of action, and supply additional reports. SentinelNet fuses information from multiple sensor and data sources to produce a common AT/FP picture. Originally developed for the US Navy, SentinelNet and its core technology are deployed and proven in the world’s most difficult conditions.

  • SentinelNet is a system-of-systems that integrates sensors and subsystems from multiple vendors into a common platform for data collection, management, and control.
  • SentinelNet modular, open architecture scales from single installations, to campuses, to large border security solutions.
  • SentinelNet supports many industry standard and existing sensor and device protocols.
  • SentinelNet continuously collects data from its sensors and subsystems.
  • Persistent Sentinel’s intelligent agents evaluate relevant data and detect events in real time.
  • SentinelNet fuses data from multiple sensors, where possible, reducing false detections and multiple tracks of the same entity.
  • SentinelNet continuously monitors its sensors’ and subsystems’ health, detecting problems in real time.
  • Intelligent agents alert operators to detected events. Events are assigned to a status of Warning, Cautionary, or Advisory.
  • Alerts initiate autonomous actions within SentinelNet. These actions can include everything from pointing a camera to the source of the alert, to sounding an alarm, to highlighting the event location on the display.
  • SentinelNet automatically provides decision-makers with high quality data about the event and its context.
  • SentinelNet provides operators with a customized Course of Action or workflow that outlines how to respond according to local policies and procedures.
  • SentinelNet GIS display provides a clear Common Operating Picture to facilitate faster decision making with higher quality outcomes.
  • SentinelNet allows the operator to control camera, sensors, effectors, and other subsystems.
  • The operator can also issue directives to properly equipped sentries.

SentinelNet Advantages

  • Intuitive to operate, reducing training costs
  • Easy integration of new or existing sensors/systems reduces installation costs
  • Tailored decision support for better, quicker responses
  • Autonomously identify highest priority threat
  • Persistent video surveillance with Network Video Recorder (NVR) and database for event reconstruction
  • Intuitive User Interface that provides at-a-glance target capabilities to quickly identify potential threat