HiRSA® – High Resolution Situational Awareness

HiRSA® improves existing security force effectiveness by allowing operators to manage large amounts of disparate information without being overwhelmed by it. The software is scalable enough to work for any size deployment, from single buildings to international borders.

HiRSA’s intelligent agents monitor sensors, detect anomalies, provide alerts, offer recommended courses of action, and supply other reports. Originally developed for the US military, HiRSA and its core technology is deployed and proven in the world’s most difficult conditions.

  • HiRSA is a system-of-systems that integrates sensors and subsystems from multiple vendors into a common platform for data collection, management, and control.
  • HiRSA’s modular, open architecture scales from single installations, to campuses, to large border security solutions.
  • HiRSA supports many industry standard and existing sensor and device protocols.
  • HiRSA continuously collects data from its sensors and subsystems.
  • Persistent Sentinel’s intelligent agents evaluate relevant data and detect events in real time.
  • HiRSA fuses data from multiple sensors, where possible, reducing false detections and multiple tracks of the same entity.
  • HiRSA continuously monitors its sensors’ and subsystems’ health, detecting problems in real time.
  • Intelligent agents alert operators to detected events. Events are assigned to a status of Warning, Cautionary, or Advisory.
  • Alerts initiate autonomous actions within HiRSA. These actions can include everything from pointing a camera to the source of the alert, to sounding an alarm, to highlighting the event location on the display.
  • HiRSA automatically provides decision-makers with high quality data about the event and its context.
  • HiRSA provides operators with a customized Course of Action or workflow that outlines how to respond according to local policies and procedures.
  • HiRSA’s GIS display provides a clear Common Operating Picture to facilitate faster decision making with higher quality outcomes.
  • HiRSA allows the operator to control cameras, sensors, effectors, and other subsystems. The operator can also issue directives to properly equipped sentries.

HiRSA Advantages

  • Increased operator efficiency and better security
  • Intuitive to operate, reducing training costs
  • Easy integration of new or existing sensors/systems reduces installation costs
  • Sensor placement planner for optimal coverage
  • Tailored decision support for better, quicker responses
  • Persistent video surveillance with Network Video Recorder (NVR) and database for event reconstruction